Tuesday, September 6, 2016

............The hawks

“If I were the person who feels the value of life, as if, the wholeness is within reasonably reachable. “Dieu merci sait qui le veuille.” God only know. Dulcine’e,you are duty to conduct with honour. Le tempsperdu ne seretrouve, lost time will never found again. The seed of arboreal negligence would become windfall profit due to taxation. A’ cohesion of cour joie. “A bon vin point d’ enseigne.” Good wine need no bush. of unthinkable thought along with the logical conclusion.
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Genghis Khan sent envoys to Persia. But the Sultan behead people he sent Genghis Khan ordered a mobilization to invade Persia.Every city that resisted being robbed and destroyed after seizing.